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Egg Sales Will Expand to Supermarkets

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Rodrigo Mora, a Development Association of Ostional (ADIO – Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Ostional) representative, said that at the moment, Ostional does not have a large market that consumes the entire product from the Olive turtle arribadas, though they do have a plan to expand sales.

“We want to expand egg sales, as a true market doesn’t exist. At the moment, eggs are sold at restaurants, seafood shops, road intersections and at times we take them to the airport in Liberia, but we want to open distribution centers in various supermarkets in the coastal areas, as well as in cities such as Nicoya and Santa Cruz,” said Morera.

In addition, Morera indicated that “supermarkets require that products have bar codes, and we are working on that.”

According to Pablo Baltodano, a park guard for MINAE in Ostional, the arrival of a large group of turtles can produce some 3,000 bags containing 200 eggs each, for a total of 600,000 eggs.

About 70% of the profits from egg sales are divided among the associates and the remaining 30% is used for ADIO’s administrative costs.