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Elderly and Newborns Will Benefit Most from New Medical Tower at Anexion Hospital

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The construction of the new medical tower at La Anexion Hospital has progressed by 55% and is expected to be ready by November. Construction began in January of 2014 and to date ¢5,992,000,000 ($11,305,000) has been invested.

These are the results that the construction company, Estructura S.A., shared with the president of the republic, Luis Guillermo Solis, during an inspection made on the afternoon of Friday, July 24th.

During the tour, the president was accompanied by Fernando Llorca, Minister of Health, Tannia Tanchez, director of the Nicoya Area for the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), and Anner Angulo, director of La Anexion Hospital, among other officials.

According to Anner Angulo, the groups that will see the most benefits are newborns and the elderly with the opening of neonatal and geriatric specialties.

“We are going to give greater priority to the newborn population and the elderly with the opening of neonatal services, which will have six beds, and a neonatologist,” Angulo explained.

Currently, the hospital’s obstetrics department is saturated and handles about 2,000 births a year, plus additional visits that can be made by a pregnant mother.

During the visit, Solis toured part of the structure and was given explanations from the construction company officials, who showed him the construction plans and the work progress.

Solis said he was “satisfied” with the progress of the work, which began in January of 2014.

Likewise, Zinnia Cordero, director of the Nicoya Area for the Ministry of Health, mentioned that the new facilities will contribute to improving the quality of life of users and reducing wait times for being seen.

“I am too happy! I feel that Nicoya is going to have a little gem, which is being polished for now and will give not only Nicoya, but the four cantons that belong to this hospital, a much better quality of care,” Cordero said.

Currently, the Nicoya Hospital has 105 beds, and with the new medical tower, the hospitalization capacity will be expanding to 136, as well as spaces for offices for consultations and patient care. In addition, the five-story structure is intended to improve sanitary, space and care conditions in the areas of patient hospitalization.