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Elemental Offers for Good Health

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Halfway through 2014, Ronan Harvey and April Furana – both vegans – opened Elemental restaurant in Samara, located on the north corner of the community soccer field.

Their menu is very creative and offers dishes based on vegetables, without any animal ingredients. The food is also free of gluten, a protein contained in some cereals such as wheat that can have toxic effects for some people.

One of the house specialties is the ravioli filled with chayote, avocado stuffing, red onions and basil. They also offer rice paper rolls with cucumber, avocado, carrot and a spicy chili and honey sauce.

Those looking for something exotic can try the hummus accompanied by yucca casabe, which is bread similar to a tortilla made with yucca flour, and plantain ceviche. Plates of food cost ₡2,500 ($5).

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are also available, with properties beneficial for health. Their “Elemental” juice is very refreshing and helps detoxify the body; it includes pineapple, cucumber, mint, lemon and orange.

The flavor of the “carrot cake” juice with cinnamon is something fun to try since it tastes like a liquid dessert. Fresh juices cost ₡2,000 ($4) and fruit smoothies cost ₡1,000 ($2).

Elemental is also hoping to provide space for local artists to give workshops several times per week on drawing or macramé, in addition to English classes.

Find them on Facebook as Elementalsamara.

Open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Telephone: 7217-5733.