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Emergency Teams Suspend Search for Missing Fisherman in Playa Carrillo

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Rescue teams led by the Red Cross and Public Force from the Hojancha, Nicoya and Samara areas have terminated search operations related to a missing fisherman. The search had been underway since June 1.

Denis Solano, a 44 year-old, disappeared along with his friend, Luis Villafuerte, on Saturday, May 31. Villafuerte’s body was found on June 3 close to the estuary in Playa Carrillo, while the whereabouts of Solano remain unknown.

Fredy Roman, spokesperson for the Red Cross Chorotega region, indicated that the suspension of the search follows protocol established for this kind of case.

“We have a protocol established for cases such as this, which merit the implementation of a reasonable search of at least eight days. If in that time no trace of the missing person is found, the search effort is discontinued. Up to this point we have done everything humanly possible, combing the area and its surroundings through the Public Security Ministry’s Naval and Aerial Force, with negative results,” Roman explained.

In addition, Roman stated that it could be that riptides have carried the body an extremely long distance.