Esperanza Kids Finding Their Future Careers

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Fourteen local professionals volunteered to share the details of their work, their educations and the skills that led them to pursue their careers with 45 children attending the Niños de Esperanza summer program on Friday, January 23rd.

 The children, ranging in age from 4 to 14, prepared for the program with their teachers by talking about work.  They made “microphones” from cardboard tubes and newspaper which they used to interview the professionals.  The adults sat in chairs spread around the school’s large outdoor room and the children circled the room, spending five minutes with each person before moving on to the next interview.

The Tourist Police wowed the crowd by sending three officers on motorcycles (including a woman) and inspired many future police officers. 

“I like the police the best.  I want to ride a motorcycle,” said Marvin Carrillo Mendoza, age 12.

Donald Loria, Architect, sketched pictures to explain how he designs buildings. Student Mariela Ledezma said she “learned a lot from different professions and im very interested in studying achitecture”

Attorney Andres Gonzalez Anglada, Dentist Laura Villareal Juarez, Periodontist Andrea Stedem, Gardener Ronald Lara Matamoros, Chuch Minister Eduardo Lara Matamoros from Iglesia Restauracion Vida de Pacto, Motocross driver Luis Saiden Lopez Alfaro, Pharmacist Catalina Hernandez Zauma, and Daniel Escalante, Director of Food and Beverage Service at the Harmony Hotel all participated. 

Other professionals included two of the camp’s own teachers – a professional musician and an English teacher, both from San Jose.  Bruce and Peggy Bornstein each volunteered to take a group of children through the program.

“I like that we had the chance to ask questions to all the professionals, this is going to help me find my skills”, said student Estefani Diaz.