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Exotic Popsicle Flavors

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For a year now, Brookie Connell and Lisa Parker leave their house with a portable ice cream stand, a beach umbrella and two folding chairs, with the mission of refreshing the afternoon for locals and tourists who walk along the main street of Samara.

The “chicks with sticks,” as they like to call themselves, started this micro business of homemade popsicles after living in Samara for three years, when they noticed the area’s potential since it is always hot.

Brookie and Lisa have created about 30 different flavors of popsicles, all handmade with water and pure fruit of the highest quality possible. Each day they take about five to six different flavors to choose from. All of the popsicles are vegan (except the ones with honey) and are sugar free.

To sweeten them, they use organic agave nectar, raw bee honey and evaporated sugarcane juice. The coconut milk is homemade and is a special ingredient since it gives the creamy texture of ice cream without needing to add any milk or any other dairy product.

The popsicles cost ¢1,500 ($2.80). Some of the most exotic flavors are coconut-lime, blackberry-ginger, strawberry-lime-basil-balsamic vinegar, cucumber-lime and mint, or lemonade-herbs from Provence.

Monday through Friday from 12 noon to 5 p.m., you can run into the Pura Paleta chicks on the main street of Samara next to Cocos Restaurant, although you can also find this ice cream line at Samara Organics, Princess Bakery in Samara, Nosara Organico Deli Market and Delicias del Mundo.

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The Good: 

The chicks have an excellent attitude, the stand is very pleasant and the location is very central.

The Bad:

You can only find their products in Nosara and Samara.