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Facing Municipal Abandonment, Nosara Residents Repair Guiones Roads

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Potholes, rocks, and mud – such is the state of the roads in Playa Guiones, a tourism center in Nosara. The roads’ maintenance is the responsibility of the Municipality of Nicoya, and due to their awful condition, residents of the community have come together to temporarily solve their roads’ problems.

On Friday, August 22 a group of neighbors decided to collect money and volunteer labor to repair the roads in the G and H sections, which include the hotels Gilded Iguana, Casa Romantica, Living Hotel and Kayasol, as well as several restaurants and other businesses.

The repairs began at the second entrance to Guiones, near the Hotel Giardino Tropicale, and covered some two kilometers, according to Enrique Vega, owner of the company MAVE, which contributed a bulldozer and a compacter to the effort.

Vega reported that approximately $2,500 was raised among residents and business owners to repair the roads.

In addition, Vega said that in the coming weeks they will continue to make repairs along other stretches in Guiones, including the J and K sections. He requested that residents collaborate and get involved to contribute to the repairs.

Municipality Will Not Repair Roads without Residents’ Request

For his part, Victor Reyes, chief of the Technical Roadways Management Unit (UTGV – Unidad Tecnica de Gestion Vial) of the Municipality of Nicoya, reported that there are at least seven maintenance projects for downtown Nosara’s roads that will be carried out in 2015.

Reyes said that the projects were requested by the Nosara Development Association (ADIN – Asociacion de Desarrollo Integral de Nosara), and clarified that in the case of Guiones, UTGV will not intervene on any road for the rest of this year and 2015 because residents have not presented any requests.

“We can allocate [resources for] the intervention on the roads if residents present us with proposals. The roads that were reported to us through ADIN were those in downtown Nosara,” explained Reyes.

In addition, Reyes invited Guiones residents to present a written request for intervention on their roads, either through ADIN or as a group with the most signatures possible, as well as detailing which stretches need repairs. “The more signatures on the proposal, the more impact it will have and the faster the intervention will happen,” he stated.