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Family by Day, Friends by Night: Chari’s Sports Bar and Restaurant

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Chari’s Bar and Restaurant has two sides: during the day, it is a place for family and for those who come on their lunch break to eat “bueno, bonito y barato” (“good, lovely and cheap”). But at night the atmosphere changes, with sports on screens, a full bar and bites to eat until midnight.

Chari’s is in downtown Nicoya, across from the gas station Barrantes y Vega. For eleven years they’ve been providing restaurant service, and since 2007 they’ve had a buffet menu, which usually begins at 6:00 AM with breakfast and ends at 3:00 PM.

The restaurant is large and spacious, with plenty of tables and ample parking, so there is always room to sit and eat or have a drink.

This restaurant and bar offers a variety of meals for any taste. Their strength is lunch, which tends to be full. The buffet is sold in portions, so the price can be very comfortable depending on the size of the plate.

Clients design their own plates and can choose from a variety of meats, pastas, salads, chicharrones (fried pork rinds), picadillos (sides of chopped vegetables or other ingredients). On the menu they offer rice, fish or whole chicken and even fast food.

At night, the bar tends to be crowded and the atmosphere changes a lot. They offer beer on tap and all kinds of spirits. It is an ideal place to go to watch a game, celebrate an event or have a good time with a group of friends. On Thursday and weekends they have karaoke, and they hold parties on special dates.

Chari’s is one of the few places in Nicoya that closes its kitchen at midnight; most of the restaurants close at 10:00 PM. You can get there two minutes before twelve and still find the kitchen at Chari’s open.

Address: Across from the Barrantes y Vega gas station, Nicoy, Tel: 2685-6248.