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Federico Pilurzu of Tamarindo Wins Marbella Tiki Hut Cup

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The insignia Guanacaste wave of Marbella, in Santa Cruz, seems to be the shape and size of the 32-year-old surfer from Tamarindo, Federico Pilurzu, who took the Tiki Hut Cup on Sunday, February 15th.


With the powerful, insistent surfing that Pilurzu brought to Marbella, the final was purely Guanacaste for the classification of Pilurzu, Tomas King and Isaac Vega of Tamarindo and Aldo Chirinos of Playa Negra.

Pilurzu showed his rivals the bearing that “power surfing” has today in competitive surfing. He simply tore up every wave that came at him during two days of competition.


“I am truly very happy to win on this beach and with this wave, which is incredible. Marbella is sensational. On the other hand, it makes me happier to see such a high [performance] level these days in the groms (children under 15). Ten years ago, you didn’t see this and what joy it is to see them surf so hard,” Pilurzu said during the award ceremony.


Leilani Came to Win


The ISA Sub World Champion, Leilani McGonagle, who does not frequent the championship, came to Marbella to win the tournament as she did in 2015.


Just like Pilurzu, the surfer from Pavones in Golfito triumphed in the final for the second year in a row against Emily Gussoni, Lady Meek and Coral Wiggins, who fought hard but did not succeed in defeating Leilani’s sobriety in the waves.


“I am very happy to win on this fantastic wave and against girls who have an incredible [performance] level. Thanks to everyone who makes events like this possible and for the Guanacaste hospitality that I had this time,” Leilani said.


As a noteworthy fact, during the semifinals of the under-16 male category, 15-year-old surfer Malakai Martinez not only achieved the first perfect 20.00 in a competition in the area, but also nationally, after the boy from Tamarindo rode two successful and incredible tubes.

Marbella showed its best face for the weekend: waves that were shoulder and head high, but that broke perfectly on a day that will go on record as one of the best quality of waves that has been seen in competition.

Day’s Results:



1. Federico Pilurzu

2. Tomas King

3. Isaac Vega

4. Aldo Chirinos


Open Femenino    

1. Leilani McGonagle

2. Emily Gussoni

3. Lady Meek

4. Coral Wiggins



1. Lorenzo WickStrom

2. Malakai Martínez

3. José López

4. San Reidy



1. Killian Guerin

2. Aldo Chirinos

3. Malakai Martínez

4. Dean Vandewalle



1. Leilani McGonagle

2. Zulay Martínez

3. Serena Nava

4. Elisa Cazenave



1. Axel Castro

2. San Reidy

3. Kalani Abrahao

4. Rudy Brownell



1. Pietro Garroux

2. Max Babyak

3. Julien Michadeux

4. Marysol Allen



1. Ian Bean

2. Trey Brownell

3. Christian Boss

4. Mauro Oliveira



1. Andres Rojas

2. Noldan Zúñiga

3. Adolfo Gómez

4. Alex Gómez