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Festival of Lights in Nosara Combines with Guanacaste Motocross Final

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With the participation of the Latin American Motocross champion, Ricardo Chacon, and the runner-up Roberto Castro, as well as the national women’s champion Melissa Tencio, who is only 14 years old, the Guanacaste Motocross championship final will be held in Nosara on December 15 at 9 a.m. The race will complement the events of the second Nosara Christmas cultural festival, organized by the Nosara Development Association, Bocas de Nosara High School and the Catholic Church.

The festival begins on Saturday, December 14, with a huge parade of floats, bands and cimarronas (bands with costumed dancers) organized by the Nosara high school, in which the following groups are expected to participate, among others: Flor de Caña of Santa Cruz, the folkloric dance group of the Nicoya Technical Professional High School, the Municipal Band of Nicoya and the Santa Cruz Cimarrona.

The second Christmas cultural festival, with the slogan “Nosara and its Roots,” will start at the Super Nosara at 6 p.m., traveling along Nosara’s main street and ending in the bull ring. Registration is completely free and open to any institution or company who wants to participate with a float in the parade. The organizers want every float to primarily promote Guanacaste’s values, as well as Christmas and family. The festival will be dedicated to Marcos Jimenez, the mayor of Nicoya.

That same day, an enormous Christmas tree will be inaugurated, illuminated by thousands of lights, located in the bull ring where the parade will end. The tree is six meters high and promises to be a great attraction that will definitively mark the Christmas season. Nosara’s high school has set up the web page, where one can find information and contact the organizers directly.

For their part, the Catholic Church Parish is organizing a bicycle event for December 15th in the Motocross track, beginning at 9 a.m. The track is located next to the bull ring in Nosara’s fairground.

To participate in the parade on the 14th or in events in the bull ring, come early since the capacity of the stands is 1900 people. Parking, food, bathrooms, and security will be available.