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Fierce Bull Attack Leaves Victim in La Anexion Hospital During Samara Fiestas

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Samara resident Greivin Hernandez Cambronero, better known as Bambi, received a tremendous shock and a blow on Sunday, January 3rd during the community fiestas.

Hernandez was fiercely attacked by the bull Barraedurra from Linda Vista Hacienda. The animal bored him in the back with one of its horns and threw him in the air several times (see video).

Due to several neighbors concern for the health of this 44-year-old Samara resident, The Voice of Guanacaste consulted patient servicess at La Anexion Hospital, where it was reported that Hernandez is in stable condition in the men’s surgery section of that hospital.

Priscilla Hernandez, Greivin’s daughter, said that fortunately the bull’s horn did not pierce any vital organ of her father’s body.

He is feeling better now. He is conscious and remembers everything that happened. The injury was quite large. Fortunately, [the horn] did not pierce any vital organs and they have sewn it up now,” she said.

For now, Hernandez is expected to recover fully and subsequently be released from the hospital, to continue working as a gardener.



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