Fifteen Officials Are In Charge of Security for Nosara Fiestas

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Nosara’s fiestas are in full swing, having started this past Wednesday, January 22. Criminals typically arrive along with the tourists and community members, which is why nine Public Force officials will be present, along with six others from a private security provider.

Marcos Avila, president of Nosara’s Integral Development Association (ADIN – Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Nosara), explained that they had requested support from both the regional and canton stations of the Public Force, in addition to hiring six officials from the Santa Cruz private security firm Santacruceña S.A., who will be in charge of security within the fiesta grounds.

For his part, Francisco Cordero, regional head of the Public Force, confirmed that they would make available five officials from the Operational Support Group (GAO – Grupo de Apoyo Operacional) from the Nicoya office, in addition to three officials from the Nosara station and the city commander.

Currently, the Nosara station only has three Public Force officials.

GAO is a special group that intervenes in communities with high crime rates, and operates using road blocks on the highway.

Avila is satisfied with the number of officials on duty during the festival, recognizing that a more significant police presence will make things calmer and ensure their ability to respond quickly to any emergency.

Avila believes that some 1,000 people attended the opening day of the fiestas at the festival grounds.