Fire of Las Delicias Getting Close to Town of Nosara

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The forest fire that started on Saturday, April 4th in Las Delicias of Garza, which threatened the community of La Esperanza, has followed a path through the communities of Los Angeles and Zaragoza, which are in the mountains about 3 kilometers (about 2 miles) from Nosara.

Volunteer firefighters and some individuals, who have been working around the clock for almost 10 days, are trying to prevent the fire from crossing the road that connects the green areas with the private neighborhood Bosque Verde and from following a devastating path that would eventually reach the town of Nosara.

At 10 p.m. on Sunday, April 12th, the fire reached the edge of the road between Nosara and Los Angeles and started to spread outwards.

At that time, the flames already had a span of at least 1 kilometer (.6 miles) that was expanding by the minute.

Bosque Verde staff spent the whole night watching the fire and participating in the effort to not allow the fire to spread.

Luis Matarrita, from Bosque Verde, affirmed that they will not abandon the place until they are sure that the flames will not continue.

Today, Monday, the 13th, firefighters continue working against the blaze to not only prevent the fire from crossing the road, but also to stop the fire from advancing through the mountain passes toward the beach.