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First Triple Crown Victory Goes to Andrey Lopez Perez

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The Open Category for the Nosara Triple Crown surf tournament was dominated by Andrey Lopez, an 18 year-old Samara native, who said it was a “tough competition,” though he thought it would have been more difficult if Kevin Montiel, a strong force in the Nosara scene, would have surfed in the final.

Despite classifying, the Nosaran was absent due to health problems, apparently with stomach pains.

There were a total of 28 surfers competing in the category, all of whom were beaten by Andrey, who had the highest score with an 8.8 and won the first phase of the tournament.

Andres Eloy finished in second, with 8.4 points.

In the women’s Open category, the winner was Marilyn Jimenez, who scored a 6.3, followed by Lexi Muss, who had 6 points. Jesenia Alfaro, a well-known Nosaran surfer, said that the tournament has been very competitive, as some national-level surfers participated.

Criss Fox won the Longboard category with 9.10 points, and Cristian Bos won the Master category with 9.0. For Juniors, Sean Forester won with 10.7 points and Orion Eshel was the winner of the Growmets category, with 10.9.

Brilliant sun and good ambiance brought together this growing family of Nosaran surfers. Starting early, Guiones had good waves, just in time for surfers to shine. After noon, a change in the tides and the wind created smaller, less difficult waves, which made it more difficult for competitors to find enough good waves to score. They are given only 15 minutes to do so.

The first event’s party continued to Skate Park la Eskina, where prizes were awarded starting at 7 p.m.

The next event will be in Playa Garza on March 28.