Fishing Is Easier Than It Looks

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Joining a fishing club: ¢10,000 ($19). Fishing rod: ¢30,000 ($57). Bait: ¢5,000 ($9.50). If we continue with the list of what is needed for fishing, the grand total is significant and a real threat to the pocketbook, but we found that traditional fishing can be easier— and cheaper— than you think.

The Voice of Guanacaste consulted fisherman Juan Alberto Rodriguez, who is a fan of the sport, to find out the best places to fish in the province, but the best thing is that here we’re going to teach you how you can make your own kit.

Where to Go?

Freshwater Fishing in Wetlands: Tempisque River, Diria, Cañas River, the mouth of the Nosara River, Lajas River. There you can find guapote (cichlid), cholesca, beardfish, tilapia, carp, mojarra, shrimp or prawns.

Sea Fishing: Carrillo Beach (Hojancha) Camaronal (Nandayure), Puerto Nispero (Cañas), Avellanas and Lagartillos (Santa Cruz), Samara (Nicoya). In salt water, you can find sea bass, catfish, bottom-dwellers, surgeonfish, parrotfish and red snapper.

When to Fish?

In Rivers: Rodriguez says that anytime is good, morning, noon or night. It is not necessary to take into account the moon phases or the tides.

At Sea: Facundo Mendoza, a fisherman from Hojancha, believes that the best time is between tides— when it is coming in or going out— because fish tend to cluster. Moon phases don’t affect it.


Remember that you should get a permit from the Institute of Fisheries Aquaculture (INCOPESCA- Instituto de Pesca y Acuicultura). The permit can be applied for on the institution’s website and costs ¢1,000 ($1.90) for a recreational fishing permit.