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Five Alternatives to Alcohol to Sip at Nosara Bars

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Over the course of her reporting, one of our interns spent two months roaming Nosara’s dusty roads in search of stories…and cool drinks. One day, Sarah stumbled across both: For all its beachy bars, Nosara offers ample options for socializing alcohol-free. Thanks to some local recommendations, she sampled several drinks made for days when you want the bar but not the booze. (Or the hangover.)

Here’s an incomplete list of some of Nosara’s finest alternatives to alcohol, in no particular order:



El Chivo

If you crave savory over sweet, grab this zesty drink at El Chivo’s off Playa Pelada. They’ll swap out the cerveza for club soda, which they pour over tomato juice, hot sauce and slices of green pepper. Complete with a lime wedge and rimmed with salt…Are you sure you’re in Costa Rica, or Mexico? This drink pairs well with tortilla chips.




Al Chile Bar and Restaurant at The Sunset Shack

Al Chile’s inky purple drink offers a tangy taste without going overboard on the sugar. This tall glass filled with finely crushed ice will keep you cool all conversation long. The thirst-quencher also arrives with an earth-friendly bamboo straw. Rumor has it the horchata is also a must-try.





El Local

Island Roots Kombucha might taste like a buzz, but it contains less than 0.5 percent of alcohol. Enjoy this tasty blend of turmeric, ginger, lemon and a hint of black pepper made by Kombucha Culture Costa Rica and served at El Local, at Playa Guiones. The spices lend an earthy flavor to this slightly sweet drink, but if you’re looking for something sweeter, ask for the other kombucha that’s hibiscus-based. Served amber and crowned with foam, you’ll forget you didn’t order a beer.




La Luna

This dark pink drink is tame on the sugar and smooth on the tongue. The simple blend of watermelon and mint quenches your thirst in no time, and is light enough to enjoy comfortably along with a plate of food. And if you still seek relief from the heat, La Luna’s beachside venue means you can wade into the waves after paying the bill.




Juice Bar at The Harmony Hotel

Enliven your taste buds with this sweet and tangy option topped with a sprig of mint. The fizzer comes free of the passion fruit’s thick black seeds so your teeth don’t have to get involved. Perfect for perking up your energy on a sun-kissed afternoon.






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