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Food and Coyol at Mas Coyol Sport Bar

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If you’re looking for a very affordable option for lunch in the Nicoya area, Mas Coyol Sport Bar will probably get your attention.

The bar and restaurant, three kilometers from Nicoya’s main intersection in the direction of Santa Cruz, is a family-friendly place with a “sportsbar” theme for watching sports, having a snack, singing karaoke and enjoying live music.

The menu includes a bit of everything, with specials and inexpensive prices. They have main dishes, fast food, shellfish, wings, desserts,and liquor. Snacks cost between 800 and 3,000 colones ($1.60-6.00).They also offer ceviche, chifrijo (beans and pork rinds), tacos,stuffed peppers and fried plantains, among other options.

The traditional plates aren’t expensive either; for between 1,500 and2,500 colones ($3-5) you’ll find pig feet, achiote chicken or casados.There are also other dishes that are typical for the area, such as“olla de carne” (meat stew), “frito con arroz” (pig’s head stew with rice), and beef tripe.

They also offer cuts of meat, including their famous, “Costilla MásCoyol” (Ribs with Coyol wine) for 4,800 colones ($9.60), the house specialty. The ribs are marinated in a white sauce with a base of mushrooms and coyol wine.This bar and restaurant is a place with constant specials. On “600 tejas” Wednesdays, beer costs 600 colones ($1.20). They also have inexpensive casados for 2,000 colones ($4), which include fresh juice,rice, beans, salad, plantains and cheese.

Open: 11 a.m. – 12 midnight.