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The pleasure of French cuisine lies in the quality of their products and the finesse of their recipes. When it’s time to eat, they serve small portions and take the time needed to enjoy the food. They start with the “aperitif,” something light to whet the appetite and to go with a cocktail or a glass of wine. Common aperitifs are canapés, which are small appetizers, olives, pickles, crackers with cheese and rosemary and the famous liver pâté.

After the “aperitif”, the appetizer or first course is served, which could be soups and vegetable-based creams such as broccoli, leeks and onions. Finally the main course is served, which tends to be based on meat— in France it is very common to eat duck— accompanied by vegetables and legumes, and they finish the dinner with a green leafy salad and assorted cheeses. It is said that France has as many cheeses as there are days in the year. France is also famous for their elaborate desserts and sweet pastries that are served after dinner with coffee or some liquor like Cognac.  

Fast Food Dana

Location: Natural Health Center, Playa Samara. (view on map)

Dish: Sweet crepes. The crepe is made by cooking a mixture of flour, milk and egg in a frying pan until a thin pancake is formed. Sweet crepes can be filled with Nutella, banana, homemade jam of papaya or strawberry and peanut butter.

Prices: From ¢1,400 to ¢2,000 (about $2.60 to $3.75).

Phone: 2656-2307

La Crêperie

Location: 400 meters north of Delicias del Mundo supermarket next to 4You Hostel.(view on map)

Dish: Ratatouille. Authentic specialty from Nice in southern France. This vegetable stew is composed of tomatoes, garlic, pepper, onions, zucchini, eggplant and herbs from Provence. La Crêperie serves it to accompany the vegetarian casado with rice, beans and a green salad or as filling for the galette Ratatuille (savory crepe) with feta cheese.

Prices: From ¢1,600 ($3) in the vegetarian casado to ¢3,900 ($7.30) in the galette.

Phone: 8788-5637

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