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Food Tripping – Food froom China and Japan

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We Westerners have historically lumped Japan and China together under the same label of Asian food, even though their cuisine is very different despite being neighboring countries. Among the similarities that could be found between these two countries are the extensive use of rice and soybeans.

Oriental rice is a bit different than what is consumed in America, as it is a bit smaller but a little fatter. Another peculiarity of Chinese and Japanese food is the variety of both salt and freshwater fish that is used. These are prepared in rice, soups, creams and raw. The most used ingredients include ginger, sesame and garlic, as well as mushrooms, peppers and dried seafood.

Both Chinese and Japanese food have been adopted by Costa Ricans, who have tropicalized the dishes with ingredients and fusions that are a little more Latin.

Kai Restaurant

Location: Guiones, Nosara (view on map)

Dish: Volcano Roll. Filled with surimi (made with a fish base), avocado and cucumber and covered on the outside with tuna, sriracha sauce, wasabi sauce and sesame seeds.

Prices from ¢5,000 to ¢6,000 (about $9.40 to $11.30)

Phone: 8847-5515

El Presidente

Location: Nicoya (view on map)

Plato: Hot sour soup. This soup is a perfect combination of bitter and spicy and is prepared with chicken, vinegar, bean sprouts, pepper, onion, bamboo, among other ingredients.

Prices from ¢2,000 to ¢5,000 (about $3.75 to 9.40)

Phone: 2685-5291

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