Foreign Tourists Turn Attention to El Calvo Waterfall in Hojancha

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It’s pretty sexy. It is tall with impressive curves. Without a doubt it is the most beautiful in Hojancha and now it is stealing foreigners’ glances, who want to see its beauty for their own eyes: nothing more and nothing less than the El Salto del Calvo Waterfall.

The waterfall, which is located in San Isidro de Hojancha, 14 kilometers south of the canton’s municipal center, hosts groups of up 20 people on weekends. According to the site’s administrator, Carlos Gonzalez, the majority are foreigners or from the central valley.

Monthly, some 200 people visit the waterfall.

It might be true that these numbers, which are increasing, don’t mean much for a tourism destination, but we must remember that this waterfall had always been a well-guarded secret and that there used to be few visitors.

According to Gonzalez, what visitors most enjoy is the two-kilometer horseback ride to the waterfalls, during which the culminating moment is witnessing water cascading from a height of 350 meters from twin falls, which are registered as the highest in Central America.

They are also attracted by the prospect of swimming in the stream’s many pools of crystal-clear water or a taking a shower under the falls.

For Gonzalez and some visitors interviewed during a tour, the place could become the heart of the Hojancha canton’s tourism industry.

Tickets cost ¢3,000 ($6) for local tourists and ¢5,000 ($10) for foreigners. Horse rides cost ¢10,000 ($20) and food prices depend on the type of dish ordered, varying between ¢3,000 ($6) and ¢5,000 ($10). Requests can be made by calling: 8492-0894 or 5010-5398.