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Free Cinema in Samara Highlights the Golden Years

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When one has passed through the bloom of youth and the prime of life and enters the so-called “golden years”, a new reality takes shape as the elderly must redefine their relationship with society. The movies selected for the next edition of the Ciclo de Cine, to be held at Intercultura in Samara from Monday, July 1 to Thursday, July 4, show a little of the reality of growing older, according to event organizer Diego Lasso.

This theme is especially reflected in the movies selected for Monday and Wednesday, The Exotic Hotel Marigold and Afternoons with Margueritte. All of the movies “project the search for a reality, a dream or a reason to be,” Lasso commented.

Monday’s film, The Exotic Marigold Hotel (England, 2011), follows a group of retired singles and couples who, for a variety of reasons, decide to move from England to the recently-renovated Marigold Hotel in India. As they try to adjust to their new environment, they form new relationships and discover truths about past relationships that shift their realities and perceptions.  “In the first film, each character has to start again, to live, in other words, to reinvent their daily life,” Lasso explained.

Tuesday’s presentation is of Love in the Time of Hysteria (Mexico, 1991), is a comedy that intimately portrays the human obsessions for the opposite sex as the womanizing Tomas is found out by one of his lovers, a nurse named Silvia who falsely diagnoses him with AIDS. He turns suicidal and then falls for Clarisa, who also wants to commit suicide because her lover is cheating on her too. 

Wednesday’s feature is a French film from 2010, Afternoons with Margueritte, starring Gérard Depardieu as Germain and Gisele Casadesus as Margueritte. Germain, in his 50s, who can barely read, spends his time counting doves in the park. One day he sits on a bench next to Margueritte, a highly cultured elderly woman who begins to read him excerpts from novels, but she is going blind, which impels Germain to make the effort to read for her.   “Both characters are marginalized by society for their way of thinking and feeling life,” noted Lasso.

On Thursday night, instead of a movie, the 2012 documentary Planet Ocean will be featured. The 90-minute production exhibits the beauty of this planet with aerial and submarine shots, at the same time highlighting threats to the planet’s sustainability and encouraging people young and old to live in harmony with the oceans.

The film festival is free and begins at 7 p.m. each evening. During the day, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, there will be a used book fair.