Free Internet in the Park Recaredo Briceño of Nicoya

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If you have a mobile device with wireless internet access now you can enjoy free connection to the Wi-Fi “Munigratis” network which is available starting this Monday, June 30.

The initiative is a management of the municipality of Nicoya to provide the service to all those who visit the Park of Nicoya and its surroundings.

Adriana Rodríguez, vice mayor, explained that the cost of the service is covered by the municipality with the purchase of the router, a device that sends a wireless signal which is captured by mobile devices, and the monthly payment of connectivity.

“This is a service that we provide to all users who visit the Park and the municipality”, said the vice mayor.

Rodríguez reported that the wireless signal covers 100 meters around the Park and the download speed is 4 GB, which is normally quite fast compared to the 2GB speed of a normal internet cafe. The Costa Rican Electricity Institute made the installation.