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From Nambi to Nicoya: The Early Rising Torch

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It is sunrise in Nambi. Even though the roosters crow as usual, it is not an ordinary morning – there is a lot of movement in the village, hope and even nervousness.

Especially among students of Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas School, who have the responsibility of carrying the torch of independence to central Nicoya.

Joining them are their parents, teachers, and neighbors to accompany them during the 9 kilometer tour.

Suddenly, a loud, piercing howl is heard, alerting racers. It’s 6:00 AM and the siren of the fire department reminds everyone that it is time to depart.

The procession takes the main road, which still shines with fresh morning dew; in front of the runners go traffic officers, the fire truck, school bus and even an ambulance to assist with any unforeseen circumstance.

In the middle of the caravan is the flaming torch, guarded by about 30 students, who are laughing, shouting and sweating as they walk proudly along the asphalt.

The coolness of the morning makes the trip more bearable, the Sun’s rays lighting the road of independence, and on the roadside some residents of Barrio el Llano appear, some still in pajamas and others waiting for the bus.

With every step, the group soon realizes that they will soon be in Nicoya, the Colonial City, joining with more runners, some on bike or motorcycle, who carry the flags of Costa Rica and Guanacaste.

At the entrance to Recaredo Briceño Park, the youths are greeted by more fans and joined by students Nicoya high school. They have reached their goal.


Between congratulations and expressions of joy, the runners, tired but satisfied, take a moment to breathe and re-hydrate with the pleasure of having fulfilled the assignment to carry the news of independence.