Gallery: The immensity of Guanacaste’s ocean from the air

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Translator: Arianna Hernández

Until very recently, we couldn’t imagine having a miniature flying object in our hands that would allow us to monitor life from the air, as if we were a bird or an all-powerful god.

That unex-pected omnipresence has given us millions and millions of images from all over the world, produced by amateurs and professionals.

Guanacaste hasn’t been overlooked by that lens that sees everything from the sky. When we lie down on the beach’s sand, we hear the buzz of its propellers as it flies over the sandy line that divides land from salt water. Something always captures our gaze when we come face to face with the immensity of the ocean.

From there, we are privileged to watch sunsets, animals floating in the immense spanse of turquoise color, the lace made by the foam on the beach and one surfer or another waiting for the next push from the water.

We asked people in our community to share with us images that they have captured while flying over this beautiful boundary between land and ocean.

Whales at Samara Beach, Nicoya. Photo: Orlando Esteban
Iguanita Beach, Liberia. Photo: Gabriel Granados
Surfer at Avellanas Beach, Santa Cruz. Photo: Orlando Esteban
A ray at Cabuyal Beach. Photo: Orlando Esteban
Rajada Beach, La Cruz. Photo: Adrián Zúñiga
Penca Beach, Santa Cruz. Photo: Adrián Zúñiga
Playa Iguanita
Iguanita Beach, Liberia. Photo: David Jimenez
Minas Beach, Santa Cruz. Photo: David Jiménez
Danta Beach: Photo: Adrian Zúñiga