Garza Girl Who Lost Leg Begins the Receive Donations

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In October after The Voice of Guanacaste published online the story of Melany Sequeira Vallejos, a girl in Garza whose leg had to be amputated because of bone cancer, the youth is beginning to receive financial aid to buy a prosthetic leg that will improve her quality of life.

The case was brought to light in September when The Voice published an article with the headline “The Real Mission of the Nosara EBAIS,” in which Dr. Juanita Gomez indicated that she detected cancer in the 10-year-old girl, a story that was refuted by her mother, Rosa Vallejos, who stated that she took her daughter to the doctor several times complaining of pain and was told that that they were growing pains.

Months after the first consultation in the Nosara EBAIS, Melany was sent from La Anexion Hospital in Nicoya to the National Children’s Hospital (HNN), where her tumor was diagnosed as osteosarcoma. Since the cancer was advanced, her right leg had to be amputated and currently continues to visit the pediatric medical center for chemotherapy treatment.

Melany is a studious girl who gets good grades in school. She loves soccer and used to play with passion, but this change of circumstances has interrupted her game. Her life changed, but the youth doesn’t lose heart and knows she’ll get through this.

Melany said she would like to have “a prosthesis that looks like a real leg with toes.” This has a cost of about $5000, but her family doesn’t have the money to pay for it. For now, she’ll receive a provisional prosthesis from the Social Security Fund (CCSS).

“This prosthesis is to adapt, to learn to walk. If I have to go and beg for money in the street, sell food or whatever, I’ll do it to get it some day,” said the mother, Rosa Vallejos.

Learning of the situation, the Surfing Nosara Foundation wants to be part of the solution. “The Foundation works with schools. We’ve never done it for an individual case but this will be the exception. We saw the case on the website of The Voice of Guanacaste and we looked for Melany. We are going to work to get donations, whether from area business owners, neighbors and people outside [of the country],” explained Marianela Ramirez, spokesperson for the foundation.

“It’s not only the prosthesis, although that’s the main thing. Melany needs better amenities, her home does not have a bathroom inside, she needs her space fixed up, a couch where she can rest, a fan, among other things,” Ramirez added.

The foundation’s visit filled the family with hope. They are grateful for the affection and motivation given to Melany. “She was brought materials to make jewelry, necklaces, and there she is very content,” commented Vallejos.

If you want to collaborate, for now there are two ways: you can donate monetarily through PayPal at the link or deposit to Banco Costa Rica (BCR) bank account number 1 5202 0011 4784 5727 in the name of Rosa Cruz Vallejos Gomez.