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Good Waves on First Day of Triple Crown in Playa Barrigona

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The Triple Crown surf competition returned for the third consecutive year, to choose the coast’s best surfer. The first day was January 11 in the waves of Playa Barrigona. Funds raised will be donated to a housing project to help build a home for a low-income family in the Nosara area.

This year, the Nosara Surf Association took charge of the event’s organization along with help from Nosara Tico Surf School and volunteers from the community of Nosara. Surfers from the entire Pacific coast were brought together, with participants from Tamarindo, Samara, Playa Negra, Avellanas, Ostional, Nosara and other areas.

Barrigona is an isolated beach with a good level of surf, where there had never been a tournament. The beach’s clear water and strong summer sun made the day a great start to the competition.

The first surfers paddled out at 7 a.m., and the event lasted until 5 p.m. In the morning the wind blew offshore, with waves under one meter but with good form. In the afternoon, due to a change in wind direction, the waves closed a bit and it was difficult for surfers to execute their best moves.

However, Esteban López of Nosara Tico Surf School, said that the weather conditions were better than expected. “We thought it was going to be very small and that there wouldn’t be waves; we’ve never had tournaments here and we’re very satisfied,” he explained.

Community members coordinated with the Nosara Surf Association to hydrate and feed competitors. There was also ceviche for sale, vigoron (fried pork rinds with salad), rice with chicken and drinks. At night, there was a party at La Tropicana in downtown Nosara.

The next date is set for February 8 at Playa Garza’s outer reef and benefits will go toward the local school. Boats will take attendees to the reef.

The Nosara Surf Association is inviting people to attend and participate in the upcoming events. “The final tournament is going to be beautiful because the money raised will be given to a foundation in Haiti that is made up of people who have lived in Nosara. The final day there will be a party at the Nosara Yoga Institute,” said López.



Man Open:

  1. Vibert Wingrove
  2. Chicho Cantrell
  3. Christian Santamaria
  4. Sean Foerster



  1. Kevin Montiel
  2. Andrey Lopez
  3. Sean Foerster
  4. Aldo Chirinos


Woman Open:

  1. Chelsea Lisaius
  2. Mariana Jimenez
  3. Marily Jimenez
  4. Katie Herman



  1. Erick Kurzbard
  2. Forest Folger
  3. Christian Boss
  4. Ryan Garbutt



  1. Aldo Chirinos
  2. Jacob Kelly
  3. Orion Eshel
  4. Sam Shook



  1. Katie Herman
  2. Surya Folger
  3. Jordan Kelly