Government Proposes That Owners Donate Land to Widen Nosara-Samara Route

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The expropriation process for Route 160, a prerequisite step for paving the 27 kilometers that connect Samara with Nosara, is moving at a slow but steady pace. Two hundred and forty fiveland registry plans are already ready, although about 155 still remain to be completed.

Alex Ureña, head of the Real Estate Acquisition Department, explained to The Voice of Guanacaste that they will be visiting along the route in mid-August to verify the data of property owners.

Although Ureña did not specify the exact amount of land owners, he did indicate that it could be more than 100 because several of the farms belong to the same owner.

In addition, he estimated that the expropriation process could take until 2017, so MOPT proposes to convince the owners of these properties to donate the land or accept the prices proposed by the expropriations department to expedite the process.

“The project in itself already generates goodwill. We want to convince people to hand over [land] through donations. This is the slogan that would speed up the process of expropriations,” Ureña pointed out.

Regarding the valuation of the properties, Ureña indicated that MOPT does sothrough their own institution experts, who use maps and market values to determine the value of the properties.

They are going towiden the right of way approximately every 100 meters on slopes or where they have to do some refilling.

Additionally, on July 23rd, Carlos Segnini, Minister of MOPT, confirmed the budget of ¢26,000,000 ($49,000) for the expansion for making the land registry plans.