Great Confidants Called Bartenders

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Nicoya and Santa Cruz are places that are constantly changing. Businesses open and close their doors every year, but if there has been something that people can count on with the passage of time, it is the bars. These small businesses have endured over time without a doubt because they offer more than just a place to have a drink.

The bartender is their confidant, someone to turn to in whom to confide their problems. He is the one who makes even the saddest person laugh, and in a way he becomes an important part of the lives of those who frequent these places.

The bartender is a figure who cannot be missing in the towns of Guanacaste, where going for a drink is a sacred act for many. To be a bartender, one must be attentive and have a good sense of humor, be willing to listen to thousands of stories and serve all kinds of people.

For some, the bar is a home away from home, a place full of memories where there will always be someone willing to listen and to serve.