Growing Together Association Impacts 19 Communities in Guanacaste

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One of the projects of the Growing Together Association consists of operating a preventative medicine and psychology clinic in Carrillo that treats 3,000 minors each year.

Since 2001, the association impacts 19 communities with these types of projects in Liberia and Carillo.

The Voice of Guanacaste recognized Growing Together as the winners of the Organization for Guanacaste category, which awarded the contributions organizations make that add value to the province.

We are totally convinced that the only way to contribute to social development of communities is through education,” said Elsa Bonilla, director of the organization, at the award ceremony.

The community organization was born as a Ecodesarrollo Papagayo’s social responsibility program in support of schools in nearby communities. It was done in alliance with the Public Health Ministry (MEP).

They work with 237 teachers and 4,5000 students in 18 grade schools and three high schools. The provide teacher trainings, facility improvements and teach students and parents about the importance of formal, relevant education.

In 2013, the association became a non-profit organization, which allows them to receive donations from organizations, businesses and individuals.