Guanacaste Beach Vacations with Tents

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Touring the beaches of Guanacaste from hotel to hotel, or staying more than two weeks in a charming cabin could be tough for the wallet, but there is another option: camping. For those who do not have much money or who prefer a simple vacation right on the beach, The Voice of Guanacaste offers a guide to the places where camping is allowed and what you should take with you.

Destination: Camping Mayra, Potrero Beach

Price: ¢4500 per person ($8.50)

How to Get There: Take the Tralapa bus in San Jose to Flamingo. Get off at the Flamingo Banco Nacional and walk along the beach for 10 minutes toward Potrero.

Facilities: Outdoor showers, toilets, ice for sale, electricity.

Hours: Call for reservations.

Phone: 2654-4213

Destination: Congos Hostel and Camping, Playa Hermosa, Carrillo

Price: Children under 3 are free. Children 4-6 ¢2500 ($4.75) and 7 and up ¢4000 ($7.50).

How to Get There: Take the bus from Liberia to Playa Panama and get off at the second entrance to Playa Hermosa, walk 300 meters toward the beach. The campground is on the left, 50 meters before the ocean.

Facilities: Electricity, BBQ area, two burner stove, sinks for washing dishes, drinking water, showers and toilets.They rent tents and there is also a hostel.

Phone: 2672-1168/ 8844-4116

Destination: Camp Supertramp, Samara Beach

Price: $8 without tent and $10 with tent. Half price on Mondays.

How to Get There: Alfaro bus from San Jose to the center of Samara, then walk or take the Tracopa Nicoya bus and get off at the Cangrejal stop and walk 400 meters toward Buena Vista. Campground on the right.

Facilities: Large kitchen, sofa, chairs, refrigerators, microwaves, drinking water, outdoor showers and toilets. Garden for camping and hostel.

Phone: 2656-0373 / [email protected]

Destination: Guanacaste Conservation Area Junquillal

Price: ¢4,000 nationals / $19 foreigners

How to Get There: Cuajiniquil bus from Liberia and get off at Super Compro is and then walk 4km toward the northwest.

Facilities: Tables, bathrooms and toilets, drinking water, beachfront camping.

Phone: 2666-5051

Destination: Camping Los Malinches, Junquillal Beach

Price: ¢2,500 ($4.75) per person, children under 3 are free.

How to Get There: Take the Alfaro bus to the Santa Cruz Market and at noon take the Playa Junquillal bus. Get off at the Junquillal School and walk 800 meters to the north.

Facilities: Showers and toilets, electricity only in the bathrooms, drinking water.

Phone: 2658-8429