Guanacaste From the Skies

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Very few people have had the opportunity to fly over Guanacaste. What’s more, not just anyone has had the chance to get on a plane. But brothers Giancarlo y Sergio Pucci have flown over the country for 82 hours and have taken more than 44,900 pictures.

This two-year long job is summed up in the book Costa Rica from Above Volume II and here you can see some of the images from the Guanacaste province from the air.


Palo Verde in the summer: Its wetlands allow for the largest concentration of native and migratory birds in all of Central America.


Playa Langosta: This image shows the beach with its Cortez Negro, an endangered tree with bright, purple flowers.


Playa Avellanas: This picture shows a completely different perspective of one of the most-photographed bridges by Costa Ricans during their vacations.



In the book, the images are accompanied with texts in Spanish and English written by the musician and philologist Jaime Gamboa, recognized for being a member of the band Malpais.  


“This second volume of Costa Rica from Above tells us the story of how we are today and challenges us now to work on the beauty of all future landscapes,”  Giancarlo said. “The landscapes in which we will be portrayed, for good or bad, for the eyes of the future generations.”



Prayer: Taken on Holy Friday in Bolsón, Guanacaste, portrays the devotion of a town. This photo was taken on the way to the Lagarteada, a tradition in which a group captures a crocodile on Holy Friday, takes it to the town center and frees it the next day.


The Lagarteada: This is a 200-year-old tradition in Ortega Santa Cruz, Guanacaste along the banks of the Tempisque River.


Bull run at the Ortega bullring: Giancarlo Pucci was surprised when he took this photo. From a distance he saw an agile rider taming a bull. Once he got closer he discovered the man was nothing more than a dummy.


Flamingo: This photo was taken at the Flamingo marina. It’s a visual metaphor of the impact that its closure has had.


The Pucci brothers’ project is now available for pre-purchase on the website  for  ¢24.900 ($44.50).

It will be available to the general public the first week of December at the bookstore Librería Internacional, Tiendas Britt coffee stores and handicraft stores across the country.