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Guanacaste hospitals urge blood donors

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Translator: Marcela Aguilar Arguedas

Staff at the two Guanacaste hospitals are concerned about the shortage of blood donations in the wake of the Covid-19 emergency, and ask the population to come closer to donate. Only in this way will they cope with the transfusions they require for emergencies or surgeries that they continue to attend.

“People aren’t willing to come to the hospitals,” said the head of the clinical laboratory of La Anexión, Yendry Díaz. 

Emergencies happen every day and we always need blood regardless of whether or not there is a virus. We need to save lives,” she added.

According to Díaz, in a typical week, that hospital received at least 30 blood donors, but since the state of emergency started in the country, on average only five people attend. 

Meanwhile, the Liberian Hospital requires 50 blood bags in reserve daily, but currently they only have 30. That amount is enough to care for chronic patients who are admitted to the medical center, but are at risk of not being able to supply for an eventual emergency such as traffic accidents or people shot, said the head of the laboratory Irene Villegas.

Patients who entered for surgeries in Liberia always carry a donor, said the director of the medical center, Marvin Palma.

But the suspension of these scheduled surgeries has generated a significant shortage.”

To reassure potential donors, the doctors from both hospitals indicated that they apply infection prevention protocols such as social distancing, basins, water and soap at the entrance. They also confirmed that the donation rooms are far from the offices where they serve patients with flu symptoms.

Those interested in donating, should preferably go alone or, in pairs maximum, the doctors said.

To donate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be between 18 and 65 years old.
  • Weight more than 110 pounds.
  • Measure more than 5 feet length.
  • Have a light breakfast such as fruits, cookies, bread, jams, coffee or tea. Do not eat dairy or fat like sausages.
  • In case of having a heavy meal, you should wait two to three hours after eating.
  • If you have had a cold or symptoms such as fever, cough, sneeze, or general malaise, you should donate 14 days after your recovery.


Donation Schedules

– Hospital La Anexión, Nicoya

Monday to friday from 7 a. m. – 11 a. m. 

– Hospital Enrique Baltodano, Liberia

Monday to friday from 7 a. m. – 4 p. m. 

Saturday and sunday from 7 a. m. – 2 p. m.