Guanacaste Municipalities Reprimanded by Comptroller

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Not a single municipality of Guanacaste achieved a higher score than 60 points, according to the 2014assessment issued by the Comptroller General of the Republic.

The aspects in which most municipalities are failing are in the collection and treatment of solid waste, better informing citizens about the work they do and internal control of their expenses.

Carrillo earned high points in administrative contracting, especially in goods and services with improved services like cleaning of streets and public places. Likewise, in rendering accountability, Carrillo had a good level of informing the public about their economic management and public works carried out by the council. In 2012, the Municipality of Carrillo created a website where municipal happenings are published.

In the case of Nicoya, the lowest rating was in the area of is garbage collection since the collection route is concentrated in the central district and, although new routes have been implemented in recent months such as Caimital, Mansion and Samara, there are still many communities without the service, including the districts of San Antonio and Nosara.

Another category in which the Municipality of Nicoya scored low is in rendering accountability. This means they lack strategies to disseminate information. They were also punished with a bad grade due to lack of tools to measure how satisfied citizens feel with the services and work carried out by the council.

The area in which Nicoyans scored best is contracting, in which aspects such as providing services like cleaning roads and public places are evaluated.

In the case of Hojancha, the collection of solid waste is a weak point, because, as in Nicoya, the service is focused on the urban hub and in Puerto Carrillo. However, they are now taking steps to provide coverage to the districts of Huacas, Monte Romo and Matambu.

In this category, the cantons of La Cruz and Nandayure scored a 0 due to their limited management in regards to garbage control and cleaning of roads and public places. Meanwhile, the highest score was in the area of ​​administrative contracting in Santa Cruz with 98.4 for management in purchasing goods and services.

Overall the municipality with the highest rating nationally is San Carlos with 92.2 and the worst rating is Los Chiles with 24.9.