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Guanacastecans Blocked Traffic in Cities

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During the morning and part of the afternoon on Tuesday, June 25, the country was full of protestors.

In Guanacaste, the largest mobilizations were in Liberia and Nicoya. However, there were also protestors in Cañas, Filadelfia and Santa Cruz. 

More than 500 people were at the entrance of Nicoya, singing, displaying signs and proclaiming their disagreement with the government.

Likewise in Liberia, lines of up to 500 meters of protestors were reported. To the rhythm of traditional music and two sound cars, protestors stopped traffic from Liberia in the direction of Bagaces. 

The protest was made up of members of several organizations, including the National Association of Educators (ANDE), the Costa Rican Union of Education Workers (SEC), the Association of Secondary Education Professors (APSE) and the hospitals of Liberia and Nicoya. 

The rain also showed up in Nicoya, but protestors continued with the strike at the entrance to the Colonial City. Traffic was backed up for several kilometers. 

Wilmar Matarrita, coordinator of the march in Nicoya said he was pleased with the support received from Nicoyanos, who remained in place despite the rain.

Meanwhile, Julieta Castrillo, who works at Liberia’s Enrique Baltodano Hospital, said that they had support from cleaning, nursing, pharmacy and medical staff.   A similar or larger protest is expected at the provincial level on July 25.