Guanacastecans Win Medals in Special Olympics

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All the Guanacastecans that competed in the Special Olympics won more medals for Costa Rica over the weekend and this week.

Liberia’s Britanny Bermúdez, 14, took two gold medals, one in the 100 meters and another in shot put.

Fellow resident Anthum Loria, 16, won a silver in table tennis and a bronze in doubles with his partner Yislania Corella.

In bocce, Yefferson Gutiérrez, 19, reached the podium after winning a bronze.

Swimmer Jesús Flores, also 19, who had already won a bronze in the 400 meters, took gold in the 800 meters and two bronze medals, one in the 1,500-meter freestyle and another with her partners Adriana Sotela, Yuliana Mora and Luis Vázquez in 4×100.

This is the seventh time that Costa Rica has participated in the games. Excluding these recent medals, the country has won 380 medals, and the delegation hopes for more, even though this year is one of the smallest that has represented the country.

In total, 7,000 athletes from 170 countries took part in the games in the United Arab Emirates across 24 sports.

Guanacastecans in the Special Olympics

Bronze: Jesús Flores, 400 meters, 1,500 metros and 4,100
Gold: Jesús Flores, 800 meters

Track and Field:
Gold: Britanny Bermúdez, shot put and 100 meters

Bronze: Yefferson Gutiérrez

Table Tennis:
Silver and Bronze (in doubles table tennis): Anthuan Loría