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Healthy and Light Options Around the Corner from Samara Beach

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A new place called Bohemia Bouticafe is across the street from the entrance to the Natural Health Center. Amanda Ottavian, originally from France, spent the last month remodeling the space where there used to be a veterinarian’s office.

The atmosphere is very peaceful, as if time stands still there inside. The walls are decorated with hand-painted fabrics, there are ottomans, soft music, space for children and hammocks to relax.

The meals are light, nothing with a lot of condiments or salt, and the portion sizes are just right. The vegetables and fruits are mostly organic and the prices are not too high. They offer vegetarian food but there are many protein choices if you want something heavier like boiled egg, fresh tuna, chicken and trout.

The tostinis are a good choice for breakfast or lunch, with the benefit that the prices are very reasonable. For between ¢2300 and ¢3300 ($4.35 and $6.25), they have sweet or savory tostinis, accompanied by fruit or green salad. This open faced sandwich is served on traditional baguette bread. We recommend trying avocado with egg, marinated radish and cilantro or banana with homemade almond butter, honey and cinnamon.

Also there are the salads of the day or the panini of the day for ¢3300 ($6.25). Ask for the niceoise salad, typical of Nice in southern France, which has potato, tomato, tuna, onion, green beans, boiled egg and lentils. For between ¢2500 and ¢2800 ($4.70 and $5.30), there are sweet crepes with homemade jelly, almond butter, Nutella, banana or agave.

To drink, they have fruit smoothies, cappuccinos, macciatos, iced coffee, American coffee or espresso. The coffee is high quality and the coffee machine is of Swiss design.

The bad: Closes very early, just before coffee time.

The good: The food is very good quality and the prices are affordable.

Hours: 7 a.m. to 3: 30 p.m.

Phone: 2656-2261