Heavy Metal’s High Decibels Heard in the Jungle

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On Saturday, April 12, the second annual “Holocaust” concert, featuring national metal music, was held at Casa Jungla on the hillside of Cerro de la Cruz.

The idea for the event came from Freiman “Ches” Campos, who is a fan of heavy metal. “Ches” organized the first “Holocaust” at Bar Sol y Mar. This year, he decided to stage the event at a bigger, more open venue, and approached the owners of Casa Jungle to suggest having the concert there.

Among trees and hay, surrounded by dry tropical forest, an improvised stage was set up for the show, which lasted more than five hours. Preventative measures were taken to avoid accidents and fires on the property, such as placing hoses in the forest.

This year, six groups were invited to participate in “Holocaust.” However, due to problems with transportation, only two bands came, from San Jose. That didn’t hamper the crowd’s enthusiasm, as from 8 p.m. onward, they spent the night head banging, jumping and pushing each other to the sound of shrieking and distorted guitars.

The bands had never played in a place like that and they had to improvise in order to fill the space left by the bands that cancelled. “Los Hijos” travelled from Santiago de Puriscal to open the concert with their original trash metal and some covers from the 80s. Afterwards, “Ancient Spheres” came onstage with their faces painted black and white and played for more than an hour.

Those present for the event included metal fans from the central valley and various Guanacaste cantons, including Liberia and Santa Cruz. The audience was charged with energy and happy to be there, as that kind of event is rarely seen in Nicoya.

Campos is hoping to organize another concert for 2015 and to continue improving aspects such as transportation and sound to continue providing a space for the music genre and its fans. “If you offer it, people come from all over – in Nicoya these kinds of events aren’t organized, and this motivates others to get interested to do the same,” he told The Voice.

Casa Jungla, located on the hillside of Cerro de la Cruz, is a large property with a restaurant, camping area, field for miniature soccer, green areas, a lookout and concert area.