Help build a library at Nicoya’s nursing home!

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Translator: Arianna Hernández

The San Blas de Nicoya Nursing Home wants to build a collaborative library for the elderly who live there.

Participating is very simple. All you have to do is donate a book in good condition new or used on any subject that you think might be interesting, preferably with large print. They can even be coloring books or game books like word searches.

The administration asks that you write a dedication and include your name. “It will remain for the history of our library,” they said in the post on Facebook.

You can coordinate your delivery by calling the nursing home at 2685-5809. If you aren’t from Nicoya, you can have it delivered through a delivery service like the Costa Rican postal service. The exact address of the senior center is: 100 al norte y 150 al oeste de la Cruz Roja de Nicoya.

A New Area

For a year now, the elderly have been restricted from going out and even from having their relatives visit on occasions due to the risk created by the pandemic. This has limited opportunities for this population to have interaction with others.

This is one of the projects that we have been looking to do so that senior citizens fill their time, and we said, ‘it isn’t necessary to buy them. There are people with used books who could sign them and donate them and build up the library at the community level,’” said the administrative assistant, Idalie Jimenez.

The library will be set up in the nursing home’s multipurpose room. It will be named in honor of Ana Reinery Fonseca Gutierrez, a centennial resident who lived there and died at the age of 106 at the end of April. According to Jimenez, she was the oldest person who has ever lived at the nursing home.

This library space is another in a series of therapeutic and physical activities that provide a better quality of life for the 36 elderly people who live in the Nicoyan nursing home.

“And in a while, when all of this emergency is over, we invite all of you to visit our library and share some afternoons of social gatherings with them,” the nursing home’s Facebook post promised.