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Hojancha carried out 10 blood samples for COVID 19, only one person tested positive

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On Tuesday 7, Hojancha’s Health Care Center registers a total of 10 people tested for COVID 19.

According to the Director of this Health Care Center, Randall Alvarado, from the 10 tested samples, the canton only reports one positive for COVID 19.

“The person’s health evolves satisfactorily and it has been respectful about the home isolation recommended by the authorities,” said Alvarado.

In the rest of the province, the Health Minister reports a total of 12 cases: Nicoya accounts for 4 cases, Santa Cruz for 3, Carrillo for 2, Tilaran for 2, and Liberia for only one.

Canton by Canton

In Nicoya, the first-person contracting COVID-19 was a member of the staff of La Anexion Hospital who returned to the country on Sunday, March 8 after being in the United States.

All the direct contacts with this positive case were sent home with a health order. The health order establishes house arrest [which means, it cannot leave the house],” said at that time Anner Angulo, Director of the Hospital.

La Anexion Hospital confirms its second positive case of COVID-19 in Nicoya.

The director of La Anexion Hospital, Anner Angulo, confirmed this morning to The Voice of Guanacaste the second positive case with COVID-19 in Nicoya. This person works at…

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In Santa Cruz, the two reported cases were women of 16 and 70 years old, both of them residents of the canton that traveled recently to the United States. In that canton, there have been three cases confirmed; however, two of them already recovered.

In the cantons of Tilaran and Carrillo, the news of the positive cases concerns the locals and creates speculations saying the positive cases had contact with the community.

The director of the Health Steering Area, Hilda Barrantes, refuted that the woman positive for COVID-19 had left her house constantly. She also refuted that this case had been in touch with many people from the town.

“Her foreign family visited and she hasn’t left her house since then,” she explained. “Later she had headaches and cough, she notified us, and continued with the isolation order,” she added.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak in the country, Carrillo’s Health Care Center has carried out 13 blood test samples for COVID-19. The only two positive cases are both in their houses and with “subtle symptoms of the virus,” said the Interim Director and Head of Health Surveillance of the Carrillo’s Health Area, Suseth Rodríguez.