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Hojancha Cemetery Unsafe: Mayor Asks Public Force for More Vigilance

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Mayor Eduardo Pineda has made repeated complaints to the Hojancha Public Force members to watch the cemetery area at night because of people entering the site to do drugs and causing  property damage.

According to the mayor, they have found damage to lights and the removal of ceramic tiles from some tombs in the cemetery, so they have repeatedly brought the issue to the attention of the police force, but so far surveillance has not been the best.

“Before, when the rural police didn’t have vehicles, the police got around on foot and there was more police presence. We have had to call them when the police station is located just 400 meters from the cemetery,” Pineda said.

On November 24th, Wilmar Lopez, district police chief, told the council that they have already taken measures to address  this matter.

“I have personally taken on the task of visiting the cemetery area. We stop the patrol vehicle and we inspect the entire cemetery, but when people see the lights of the patrol vehicle on, they throw away their cigarette or hide. The truth is that we have never found anyone the times that we go. However, we appreciate your complaints. This information is useful to us. We are working on this and we are committed to patrolling as often as necessary,” Lopez said.

According to Lopez’s side of the story, they have already managed to repair two patrol vehicles that had broken down. Therefore he committed to do patrol work at night to prevent acts of vandalism in the cemetery of Hojancha.