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How to Avoid Weight Gain this Christmas

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December is one of the most anticipated months for the majority people in the world; more than anything else they see it as a time to eat and enjoy the many dishes that characterize the season.

Specifically, one could say that when you think of December, tamales, punch, cakes, pork and parties (organized around eating) immediately come to mind.

Abusing those foods brings with it gains in weight and body fat, so here is some advice to avoid gaining weight during this wonderful time:

Exercise regularly; 30 minutes per day is a good start (walking, running, swimming, riding a bike, dancing, aerobics, etc.)

Don’t abuse tamales and try to eat them in the morning to have all day to burn their calories; a tamal has between 400 and 500 calories, which is one fourth of the total calories a healthy person needs per day.

If you’ll be having dinner with friends, have a light lunch to compensate for the excess of calories that you’ll be eating later. 

Don’t abuse liquors and choose whisky, not because it’s healthier but because you’ll have to drink less compared to beer or cocktails.

Don’t drink sodas; choose fruit juices such as orange, apple, grape (hopefully fresh)

If you’re making a Christmas recipe, reduce the fats and sugar you include.

Eat light Christmas cakes and pay attention to the indicated portion sizes.

Choose lean cuts of red meat, such as loin, tenderloin, or rump.

Make tamales with a lot of vegetables and lean pork.

Serve dishes with lots of vegetables and eat those first.

Share high-calorie dishes such as desserts.

Drink 2 liters of water per day.

Repeat point 1 as often as possible.