“I Will Not Stop”

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Presidential candidate of the Partido Acción Ciudadana (PAC), Luis Guillermo Solís, Wednesday night asked his supporters to avoid “triumphalism”, reminding them that he has not yet been elected president.

In his first statement following the afternoon announcement by PLN presidential candidate Johnny Araya to leave the presidential race, Solís asked all Costa Ricans to get out and vote on April 6.

The PAC candidate said the campaign is not over and expressed his satisfaction that the people view him as President, but clarified that it will only happen “if my people (referring to all Costa Ricans) want me”.

Speaking from PAC offices in Barrio La Granja, in San Pedro, Solís said “I will not stop, the party continues to move forward and ask everyone involved in this process not to stop either”.

Solís said that he doubts that Araya will reverse his decision to leave the campaign and hope that abstentionism will not grow come election day, Sunday, April 6.

The PAC candidate added in his comments that the campaign will take a rest for a few day to make changes in strategy, but did not refer to what the changes might be