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If You Are in Santa Cruz, Do Not Miss Gelatto de Lucia

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The Lucia Italian ice cream parlor always sold the creamiest ice creams in Santa Cruz with the largest assortment of flavors, but in August, they moved next to Bernabela Ramos Park, and now there is no excuse to tell your child, “We can’t get ice cream because it is far away.”


The owner, Edwin Cabalceta, named the ice cream parlor after his daughter, Lucia. The ice creams are homemade and come from Playa del Coco, where they make up to 22 varieties of flavors.


The Italian ices— made with water like sorbets— are fruity: passion fruit, strawberry, red berries, kiwi and mango. The most frequently ordered dairy-based cream flavors are mint-chocolate, nutella, oreo cookie, strawberry yogurt and Snickers.


The price depends on the number of scoops of ice cream desired: one scoop costs 900 colones ($1.70), two are 1600 ($3) and three 2100 ($4). You can also buy half a kilo for 4750 colones ($9) or a kilo for 9500 colones ($18), and you can even ask for a waffle or crepe with fruit for 2000 colones ($3.80) to enjoy with ice cream.


The ice cream parlor is small but has tables inside and air conditioning so your ice cream won’t melt too fast in the Guanacaste heat.

Open Monday to Saturday from noon to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Location: North side of Bernabela Ramos Park, next to Pan Por Kilo in Santa Cruz.


The Good: Variety of flavors and open daily.

The Bad: They don’t accept credit cards.


Lo malo: no aceptan tarjeta.