Improvements Provide Safety and Renew Pavilion’s Look in Nicoya Park

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With the goal of providing better safety to those who use the pavilion in Recaredo Briceño park, the Municipality of Nicoya has made several improvements to the structure.

The works involved improving the floor and the installation of iron railings around its perimeter, to prevent anyone who climbs the pavilion from falling.

“The goal was to beautify the pavilion and to guarantee the safety of those who use it,” said Marco Jimenez, Nicoya’s mayor.

In addition, the municipality will add Guancastecan scenes representing the region’s traditions.

The mayor indicated that the representations will be located in two murals across from the Plazoleta and in the middle of the park.

 “Two walls will be painted, focused on what we do in Guanacaste. The Pica ‘e Leña (Chopping Firewood) and the Virgen of Guadalupe, among others.”

The work will cost over ₵8.9 million ($16,700), which will be provided by municipal funds.