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In Samara, Art Aims to Generate More Art

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With the goal of increasing art education, Samara’s next annual fair, the Que Lindo Art Fair, not only hopes to have a varied exhibition of artists of all kinds, but also to raise money to fund art projects in local schools. 

To this end, several area businesses donated prizes to be raffled off during the fair. Funds from the raffles will be used to finance an art project submitted beforehand by the schools.

According to Lavae Aldrich, one of the organizers of the fair, the schools should submit a proposal describing the project.

“We would formally like to invite [schools] to submit to us a one-page letter describing a small art project that they want to have financed for the school or for the community. Our founders will review these proposals on January 21 and will announce the selected recipients on January 23, the same day of our event,” Aldrich said.

The Que Lindo team already delivered invitations to local schools to participate in the project. The invited schools are El Torito High School, Santo Domingo School, Samara’s public school, Samara Pacific School, Mareas Home School and CREAR Foundation (see contact information below).

What to Expect from the Fair This Year

Cher Compton, another one of the fair organizers, remarked that they already have 29 participants registered and hope to have several more by the day of the event.

Of those registered, nine are selling locally made food and the rest are artists and artisans.

Items to be sold include clothing, woodwork, driftwood art, fused glass, jewelery, leatherwork, bowls made from jicama gourds, bamboo, acrylic paintings and watercolors.

There will also be live music by guitarist Steve Phillips and a typical dance show by the Mareas schoolchildren. If you are going with your children but want to have time alone to appreciate the expo, CREAR Foundation will have a table for the kids to be entertained making art.

This is the third time the Que Lindo fair has been held in the Natural Center. At last year’s fair, some 500 people came to the event.

If you want to communicate with the event organizers, you can do so by calling Paola Hernandez at 8384-1589 (she speaks Spanish, English and French) or sending an email to [email protected].

Registration costs ¢2,000 (about $3.75) before the event or ¢2,500 (about $4.70) the same day of the fair. 

What Should Schools Submit?

Art Education core project.

No more than one page in length.

Program that appeals to multiple cultures.

Demonstrate how the project will make a difference in their school or community.

How they will be responsible for project implementation.

Submission Date– before January 21.

If you have any questions, contact 8077-1576. You can submit your proposal electronically to [email protected] as well and receipt will be confirmed by the same means. 

By Tan Frida