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Independence Celebration: Patriotism and Spectacle for Lantern Parade in Nosara

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The great weather from morning to night on Sunday, September 14 and Monday September 15 allowed people to truly enjoy the parades of lanterns and bands in Nosara.

The parade of bands had a large audience, despite the hot sun, who walked along to the sound of drums for some 200 meters to the soccer field. There, a jury graded each presentation and concluded that the best school band was from Serapio Lopez Fajardo School. For the high school category, the winner was Bocas de Nosara.

Adults also joined in the parade, along with children from the program “I’m a Baby and I Like to Read” of the David Kitson Library, along with a percussion band formed by ex-Nosara students.

The night’s lantern parade, which was held on Sunday the 14th, left from Super Nosara at 6 p.m.

First, the large crowd sang the national anthem. The parade then left for Bocas de Nosara School, where a small civic ceremony was held and awards were given for the best lanterns.

Angelina Baltodano won first prize for her lantern, which was made from recycled materials and a variety of grains.