Investors Plan to Build a Mall in Nicoya

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The custom that Nicoyans have of traveling to San Jose or Liberia to go to the movies, the theater, to make large purchases or just to walk around could become a thing of the past, since a group of investors wants to build a mall in the colonial city of Nicoya.


The project is named Nicoyán Plaza and is in the preliminary draft phase for now, in other words, in the design stage.


The proposal was presented to the Municipal Council of Nicoya on July 6 by consultant Wilson Carazo and engineer Roberto Rojas. According to Carazo, the initiative comes from a group of several investors, but the company leading the project is NProperties.


Nicoyán Plaza would be located at the entrance of Nicoya, right across from the KFC restaurant, on an 11-hectare (27-acre) piece of land. The project would have an investment budget of more than $30 million.


According to Rojas, the plaza would be divided into five sectors. The first would include bars, restaurants and parking for 507 vehicles.


The proposal also includes garden areas, recreational areas and an amphitheater for concerts and cultural events, which form the second sector.


The third area is designed for supermarkets and department stores, where items can be purchased in wholesale quantities. Movie theaters and the banking area would be situated in the fourth division.


The fifth area of the mall would accommodate a bus station with space for 15 bus lines and a parking area for taxi drivers.


In total, the site would house 115 commercial spaces, including stores, supermarkets, restaurants, bars and bank branches.

For now, the investors hope to start the second stage in six months, which includes all of the paperwork and permit procedures. Carazo explained that although they cannot specify the date of completion for the project, they hope it does not take more than three years.