Is There Someone to Vote For?

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With the slogan “There is someone to vote for,” on Sunday, October 27, the  legislative candidate for the Broad Front party (Frente Amplio), Ronald Vargas, 46, toured the streets of Nosara. The ex-priest, known by some known as Father Ronald, who currently works as a university professor, was born in Palmares of Alajuela. This multifaceted man changed his  robe and his sheep for national politics and now is seeking a seat at the Legislative Assembly.

He occupies the first position as a candidate from the Broad Front for the province of Guanacaste.

He was accompanied by Wendy Mora and Ester Juarez, two university students volunteering with the party, and was welcomed to Nosara by Martin Chacon, vice president of the  Nosara Development Association, who gave his adherence and full support to the Broad Front party.

From 9 a.m., the four  were dedicated to going house to house, taking flyers and trying to convince the citizens to vote for Vargas. In this difficult task, they encountered people open to listening to them as well as others who were apathetic.

His political vision includes the implementation of policies that promote the social development of the province starting from legislation that favors the sustainable exploitation of resources and removing privileges for foreigners.

Vargas is a simple man with a big smile, optimistic about his movement and although confident that his party will take him to the Congressional Hill, he showed a little fear that his adversaries are trying to characterize Broad Front as “communist.” Vargas says that there is nothing to that claim and that it’s just a dirty campaign from his opponents, mainly conducted by the National Liberation Party, faced with the threat that the Broad Front represents the second political force going into to the upcoming 2014 elections.

With this visit, Broad Front is the first political party to make its appearance in Nosara. Vargas indicated that although the party is not first in the national polls, at the level of social networks, their profiles appear with more followers than the National Liberation Party, approximately 77,000, and that gives them much encouragement.