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It’s All About Love

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Chris and Brenda are in love.  They are in love with each other, with life and with Samara. The couple were friends in the Central Valley where she worked in sales and he operated a bar.  One day they realized the friendship ran deeper and that they belonged together.  They moved to Samara in 2007 and were married here in 2011.  In 2011 they also opened the Samara-Carrillo Info Center.

It is not necessary to be large to be a leader. The Samara-Carrillo Info Center has demonstrated that. The business portion of their operation promotes other area businesses and offers booking services that are free to tourists and residents.  They also represent Samara at various tourism organizations and events on a voluntary basis and coordinate with tourist publications to provide articles about Samara and Carrillo.  They collect school supplies for local children each year and  they collect toys and money to make sure every child in the area receives a special gift at Christmas.  

They plant trees, act as the local lost and found, post community events for free and offer a job bank.  Anytime I have needed a translation, or wanted information about something happening in the community they have been there for me.  If you want to support local organizations stop by their office in Lo Que Hay Restaurant to contribute to any of these charities:

– Spay and neuter clinic

– School supply drive

– ARA Project

– Turtle preserve

-Animales de Samara

-Beach clean up projects and other events.

All relationships have challenges, and Samara has thrown a few obstacles in the couple’s path, but they continue to reach out and when asked to lend a hand the answer is always yes.  If you live or work or vacation here, they have probably touched your life, even if you aren’t aware of it.  Next time you are passing by stop into their new office and say thank you.

Samara has attracted many entrepreneurs with the same passion and philosophy as the Info Center.  Samara Organics and Luv Burger are always willing to help out with community projects and offer incentives to people working for the community good.  Luv Burger has been offering meals at big discounts to people who collect a bag of trash on the beach and bring it to the restaurant.  Samara Organics is active in the beach clean-up project, Que Lindo Art Fair, the farmers market and many other projects. The Natural Center hosts market days for local purveyors, bakers and artisans to sell their products, and have provided a venue for several community events including the Health Fair, which provides free screening for high blood pressure, diabetes, free or affordable dental care and more. Cocos Restaurant and Sol y Mar have both hosted fund raisers for local schools. Intercultura, The Samara Massage Center, and other local businesses operate with a community consciousness that should be celebrated.  These organizations and so many more focus on healthy, educational activities and promote the town with a positive image that brings good clients to all of Samara.  

Of course, not everyone operates that way.  There are those motivated solely by their own personal gain, who do more damage than good.   I am not a fan of boycotts.  Singling out one business because of perceived bad acts while letting others, who may be worse, slip by, doesn’t work.   Advertisers often say that any publicity can be good publicity.  Why put businesses we don’t want to support in the spotlight?  If we actively support and publicize those who are doing good things we send a positive message and encourage good citizenship.  We are lucky that there are more businesses like Brenda and Chris’s than the opposite.  Please support the good ones.