Award The Voice of Guanacaste: It’s Time to Give a Voice to the Changers

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At The Voice of Guanacaste and Philantropics, we have found the perfect excuse to make known and reward all the people who one day decided to uncross their arms and put their hands to work: The people willing to build a better Guanacaste.

Every day, we listen to the news of a province that the drought attacks every summer and leaves it thirsty, a province witnessing unemployment, and with the highest rate of violence against women.

And yes, we are not going to pretend that problems do not exist, but this is a province of contrasts and creativity: we are also the main source of renewable energy in the country, the cradle of much of the Costa Rican culture and tourism, and the headquarters of the largest blue zone in the world.

This is not a coincidence. There are people responding to the problems and challenges of the province and we want to recognize and reward them for being the living reflection of the Guanacaste identity: working people, who challenge themselves daily, who deeply love the bowels of this land and who, precisely for that reason, look after her welfare.



All of them, with their ideas, inspire us to dream and live a better Guanacaste.

It’s time to give voice to the change, so we will give five prizes in categories related to the protection of the environment, culture and social improvement and development, both to people and organizations. 

The winners will receive a workshop on how to develop social projects by Philantropics, a 6 months ad’s subscription inside The Voice of Guanacaste and a counseling hours by Yo Emprendedor.

The following are the categories in which you can apply or apply for to that person or organization that you admire so much. Read the criteria and restrictions, then, complete the nomination form by clicking here. If you have questions, write to us at  [email protected]. Applications close on January 25, 11:59 p. m. 

  • Category Eco-Guanacaste:

It recognizes the contribution of a person to the protection and care of the environment, namely water resource, energy, climate change, recycling, and waste management, environmental management or infrastructure.

  • Socio-Cultural Category:

Recognize the contributions of people with projects or programs to promote the improvement of social or cultural challenges in the province, namely education, combat poverty, gender equity, diversity, culture, and human rights.

  • Development category:

Recognize contributions from people with projects or programs to promote employability, innovation or entrepreneurship.

  • Non-Guanacaste Category for Guanacaste:

Recognize contributions of people not born in the province who are of value to the province within any of the above categories.

  • Category Organization by Guanacaste:

Recognizes contributions from organizations that constitute value for the province within any of the above categories.


Criteria of Nomination of people:

  • Being born in the province of Guanacaste (except for the non-Guanacaste and Organization categories)
  • Have a minimum of two years of operation of the project in the province
  • To be able to demonstrate the impact on the number of beneficiaries or results in figures
  • Self-nominations are allowed.
  • Justification of why the person deserves the prize.

Nomination Criteria of Organizations:

  • Be legally constituted
  • Have CCSS and taxes up to date
  • Justification of why the organization deserves the prize.

Restrictions: Members of the La Voz de Guanacaste Association and Philantropics, sponsors of the event, political or religious groups, local or national government, cooperatives or large companies can not participate.